These 10 moments prove the audience can truly become part of the show! Get ready for 10 Unforgettable Crowd Participation Moments!

Any musician will say the same; once you begin touring, your own songs tend to evolve in unpredictable ways. Song evolution will occur to enhance the live experience. Sometimes it’s subtle like a pause to let the crowd shout a single word in unison. Other times a group will extend a track’s length exponentially to keep a mood steady or create space for some live banter. In this Loud List, however, you’ll see moments where the crowd completely takes over, becoming a concert’s legitimate focal point.

Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark” took on a whole new life at Rock in Rio 2001. The Brazilian crowd took hold of Maiden’s somber instrumental parts and turned them into anthemic chants. Crowds will still replicate those “woahs” 15 years later, demanding Iron Maiden keep the title track of their ninth studio album in every setlist. Only one song can rival “Fear of the Dark” in terms of passion from the audience and that comes in the form of stomping, clapping and singing along with Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

Crowd participation moments don’t even have to be musical in nature. For over 15 years, Slipknot have dared fans to take the crazy test: getting on the ground during “Spit it Out” and jumping the f—- up on Corey Taylor’s command. The spectacle has become a phenomenon, with tens of thousands of fans complying in unison at festival shows.

Get ready to be a part of the gig with these 10 Unforgettable Crowd Participation Moments in the video above!

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