Rock’s favorite member of the undead has been making music for more than 30 years! From his legendary career, we’ve picked out 10 Unforgettable Rob Zombie Moments!

We really reached back to give you a full scope of Rob Zombie’s time in the spotlight. You’ll see a White Zombie live performance from 1988 where a heavily-dreadlocked Rob thrashes around the stage almost like a young GG Allin (minus the feces). Rob would later discuss the breakup of White Zombie on an episode of The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn, admitting the band hated Rob during its final few years.

Some of these clips are from exclusive Loudwire interviews, including Rob Zombie’s ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ segment. Zombie told us about growing up as the child of carnival workers, that is up until angry patrons set fire to the place after being ripped off. Rob also answers the question, “What movie would you love to remake, but would never dare touch,” during our Ultimate Horror Questionnaire with the rocker / director.

We made sure to include plenty of live footage too, including onstage collaborations with Head and Munky of Korn and Misfits legend Glenn Danzig.

Check out 10 Unforgettable Rob Zombie Moments in the video above!

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