A Day to Remember are made up of some funny dudes, and we recently had the pleasure of interviewing three of them in our studio. Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, guitarist Neil Westfall and guitarist Kevin Skaff all dropped by to talk about their new album, 'Common Courtesy,' and much more!

We spoke to A Day to Remember shortly before the release of 'Common Courtesy,' which is the band's first self-released studio album. At one point we asked them if they thought 'Common Courtesy' could outsell 'What Separates Me From You,' which moved more than 300,000 units. You'll have to watch the interview to hear the band's answer, but in the first week of its release, 'Common Courtesy' racked up more than 92,000 copies sold, over 40,000 of which were bought directly from the band's own digital presale rather than traditional retail outlets. 'Common Courtesy' did not appear on the Billboard charts due to the unconventional nature of the release, but we can all agree that ADTR fans have spoken with their unwavering support.

Also during our interview with A Day to Remember, the three musicians went in-depth about 'Common Courtesy, leaving Victory Records, wanting to collectively date swimsuit model Kate Upton + more.

Check out our exclusive video interview with A Day to Remember above! To buy a copy of 'Common Courtesy,' click here.