A Day to Remember were forced to cut their Portsmouth, England, concert short last night (Nov. 12) after a fan plunged from a balcony, sustaining serious head injuries.

About 30 minutes into A Day to Remember's set, the band abruptly stopped playing after the incident occurred. A short while later, it was announced that the show was over and that the crowd should exit the venue.

An ambulance spokesperson states, "We were called at 10:13PM with a report that a 25-year-old male had fallen from a balcony. We sent a response car and an ambulance. His condition was serious and he was taken to Southampton General Hospital." A hospital spokesperson added that the young man suffered serious head injuries.

A concertgoer tells Portsmouth.co.uk, "The police and the ambulance were there within two or three minutes, very quickly. It looked like they were trying to get a line into him, trying to clear his airways … It’s a tragedy, what happened."

Some eyewitness report that the injured fan jumped or dived off the balcony. The venue itself stated that it appeared that the fan had indeed jumped. "Last night at a concert by the band A Day To Remember, a young man appeared to dive off of the circle of the Portsmouth Guildhall, landing in the stalls, narrowly avoiding the crowd below," read a statement from the venue.

A Day to Remember sent out their best wishes to the injured fan, also apologizing for the shortened set:

A Day to Remember will continue touring Britain through Nov. 23. For the full list of dates, click here.

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