Congrats go out to A Day to Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff, who is now engaged to WWE Diva Paige. The special moment was captured during a recent episode of the E! reality series Total Divas in which Skaff surprised Paige with a unique proposal.

As seen in the video above, the couple head to a tattoo shop, but Skaff is a little secretive when Paige asks him what tattoo he's getting. While Paige is speaking with the apprentice, Skaff has the tattoo artist scrawl a "Will you marry me" across his arm. He then asks Paige what she thinks of his new tattoo, revealing the message.

"This is probably the most nerve wracking experience of my life right now. I don't know what to say," admits Paige in a diary room confessional. As he gets down on one knee with a ring, she accepts the proposal, but admits later in another confessional, "We don't have to get married straight away." So look for the couple to continue building their relationship before making the ultimate trip down the aisle.

A Day to Remember are currently on a break from the road, but will appear at Ozzfest Japan in late November, along with a handful of December dates in Mexico and Australia. They'll also stage the next Self Help Festival in San Bernardino, Calif. on March 19. See all of their shows here.

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