Vegas vagabond rockers Adelitas Way have a tough act to follow with 'The Collapse,' the second single off their sophomore album, 'Home School Valedictorian.’ The disc's first single, ‘Sick,’ recently graduated to the very top of the rock charts.

‘The Collapse’ is an empowering anthem that lyrically puts a stranglehold on the listener both in a literal sense and with the intensity poured on by lead singer and lyricist Rick DeJesus.

DeJesus has been very honest about the violence he witnessed in his past while growing up in a drug laden neighborhood in Philly. It’s this brutal honesty that rings out loud and clear in ‘The Collapse’ and provides the force that fuels the whole album. “You know your world is in my hands / You know I pull the strings / I like to see how tall you stand / ‘Cause if I wanted I could take it away.”

With ‘The Collapse,’ Adelitas Way are making melodic rock for a new generation. The chugging guitar and soaring choruses build you up just to break you down again, note by note. It’s that subtly of mixing such angst with the light at the end of the tunnel that yields a song that resonates loud and perfectly clear.

‘The Collapse’ is just one of many of the highlights on ‘Home School Valedictorian.’ To hear the band live, head out to the Carnival of Madness tour where Adelitas Way are sharing the stage with Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry.

Listen to Adelitas Way, 'The Collapse'