Alter Bridge gave their fans a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into life on the road during their 2011 Carnival of Madness tour through an exclusive webisode posted to the band's website last week.

"It's been fun," drummer Scott Phillips said of the tour in the webisode. "The shows themselves have been great. The crowds are great, whether we're indoors or outdoors in the middle of New York City or some field in Missouri. The shows themselves have been fantastic."

"On the last tour, we hit all the larger cities," added guitarist Mark Tremonti. "Now we're hitting the others. People appreciate it when you come to the smaller cities. They come out."

While they are supposedly taking next year off so Phillips, Temonti and bassist Brian Marshall can return to Creed, the remainder of 2011 will be a packed schedule with many highlights to come.

"We go to Europe October [and] November ... I think it's about six weeks," said Tremonti. "We're excited about that. It should be an exciting tour."

"We're going to do a full run through Europe ... Italy, Germany, Austria, France [and] Switzerland," added Phillips. "From there, we've got six shows in the U.K. We've worked long and hard for this day to finally come. To have it happen in a territory that's been so good to us ... it's going to be the highlight of everything that we've done since January 2, 2004 when [Alter Bridge lead vocalist] Myles [Kennedy] flew into Florida to the end of this year."

Next year, Kennedy, will also work on musical projects on the side, including getting together with guitar legend Slash on his second solo album, which will feature Kennedy singing all the vocals. Tremonti also hopes to release a solo album in 2012. Alter Bridge anticipates having a new album out in 2013.

Watch Alter Bridge's September 2011 Webisode: