Evanescence frontwoman and Revolver’s Hottest Chick in Hard Rock even makes falling sexy. During a recent concert in New York City at Terminal 5, Lee started the show with a rocking performance of their single ‘What You Want’ off of their latest album ‘Evanescence.’

Apparently she rocked out a little too hard, while headbanging during the song, Lee feel backwards but the fallen angel still soared. Lee didn’t miss a beat as she continued to sing and made a quick recovery.

We can’t blame her, Evanescence fans are still tumbling over their new album. Read Loudwire’s review of 'Evanescence' here and check out our exclusive interview with the sultry songstress.

The band is now on tour in Europe until the end of November, for a full list of dates go here.

Check Out Amy Lee’s Recovery Skills After an Onstage Tumble

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