Will this play in Pawnee? Who cares?! You can add Amy Poehler to the growing ranks of celebrity metalheads, as the Golden Globes host was seen sporting an Iron Maiden t-shirt at a Golden Globes after party.

After going all out with her dress during the ceremony itself, the comedienne opted for a more laid back look of a blazer and Maiden t-shirt. All the more, this isn't the first time Poehler has shared her Maiden fandom, have also posed for this photo.

And if you're a Maiden fan, odds are you might like a little Judas Priest as well. Poehler? Well, she's got that covered as well as you can see in this photo.

Rock on Amy Poehler! And be sure to catch her on the final season of NBC's 'Parks and Recreation.' The show returns to TV Tuesday night (Jan. 13) with back-to-back episodes at 8PM and 8:30 PM ET.