For years, Andy Biersack has built his name as the frontman of Black Veil Brides, but in recent years he's also showed off another side of himself using the alter ego Andy Black. Under the moniker, he first showed a more dark, yet poppier side with the 2014 single "They Don't Need to Understand." Fast forward to 2016 and Andy Black is readying his first full album under the moniker and getting ready to hit the road in support of The Shadow Side, but first he had to get his inaugural solo show out of the way.

Andy Black chose the Lyric Theater in Los Angeles for his first show with his solo band and he set the right mood for the night as a DJ played plenty of '80s new wave, synth pop and punk classics which all are influences on his current music. With the audience packed in and the smoke machine making things a little hazy onstage, Black was greeted with cheers and a slew of cell phones and cameras from audience members raised to the air ready to catch this historic moment for the vocalist.

The singer, flanked by a drummer and a guitarist-keyboardist, started his first show with the upbeat and uplifting "Stay Alive." On the album, it features a guest turn by Alkaline Trio and Blink-182 member Matt Skiba. That was followed by the bouncy rocker "Ribcage" that had fans singing along to the "oh-oh-oh-oh's" of the track. Black welcomed the crowd, sharing his love for the loose nature of the show and not having to adhere to deadlines. He then busted out a cover that had fans grooving along as he rocked the Billy Idol classic "Dancing With Myself."

Those in attendance got yet another dose of new music, as Blake trotted out "Louder Than Your Love" for the first time, and in this case it was the first listen for almost all in attendance as the track has not been released as of yet. Following the song, some fans noticed Biersack's wife, Juliet Simms, at the side of the stage and chanted until she came out and joined him onstage. After greeting the crowd and welcoming them to Andy's show, she exited so he could continue.

The vocalist then dipped into the covers once more, inviting the crowd to sing along if they knew the song and explaining that it came from a band that was one of his greatest influences. With that, he broke into Alkaline Trio's "Time to Waste." Finishing out the night, Black played his two most well-known songs, starting off with "They Don't Need to Understand" before a rousing finale of "We Don't Have to Dance."

Check out our photos from Andy Black's first show in the gallery at the top of this post and find out where he'll be playing in the coming months here.

Andy Black - The Lyric Theater Los Angeles May 3, 2016 Set List

1. "Stay Alive"
2. "Ribcage"
3. "Dancing With Myself" (Billy Idol cover)
4. "Louder Than Your Love"
5. "Time to Waste" (Alkaline Trio cover)
6. "They Don't Need to Understand"
7. "We Don't Have to Dance"

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