It's a busy month for the Draiman family. While most are aware that Disturbed's Immortalized is dropping later this month, David Draiman's brother Ben also has new music to promote.

Ben Draiman, who caught some attention with his stunning piano-based cover of Disturbed's "Stricken" back in 2013, has formed a new project called Another Perfect Storm and just released a new lyric video for the song "Covet" off the band's new self-titled album.

As you can hear, Ben knows a thing or two about hard-driving rock much like his hit-making brother. He and producer / guitarist Raz Klinghoffer deliver a guitar-driven powerful song that can be heard in the player above.

"The personal nature of my songwriting is something that at this stage distinguishes me from others," says Draiman. "It all depends on the place from where the music comes from, and for me, it’s still utterly pure -- I have no audience in mind and no market in mind. It’s a personal therapeutic experience for me and ultimately, I think that’s what people can relate to. You don’t need to be the best singer or piano player, but when you give something else, when you mean every word of what you sing, that can be even more important.”

You can pick up the Another Perfect Storm album via iTunes or in various bundle packages at this location.