You'll want to get yourself to either Los Angeles or New York next month as Anthrax are planning special release events surrounding their 'Chile on Hell' DVD release.

In New York, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello will be on hand for the premiere and Q&A session that is taking place at Cinema Village (22 E. 12th Street) at 9PM ET on Sept. 15. To gain entry to the premiere, pre-order the 'Chile on Hell' Blu-Ray or DVD from either Vintage Vinyl in Fords, N.J. or Looney Tunes in West Babylon, N.Y. The pre-order will come with a wristband that entitles you to entry to the premiere. For additional pre-order details, click here.

In Los Angeles, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and producer Jay Rustin will participate in a Q&A session at the Downtown Independent Theatre (251 S. Main Street) at 9PM PT on Sept. 15. To gain entry for that premiere, pre-order the 'Chile on Hell' Blu-Ray or DVD from Amoeba Records in Los Angeles. For additional pre-order details, click here.

The 'Chile on Hell' concert collection was filmed during the band's performance in Santiago, Chile during a particularly high-energy show. Look for the DVD and Blu-Ray in stores the following day, Sept. 16. The set features such standouts as 'I am the Law,' 'Indians,' 'Madhouse,' 'Caught in a Mosh,' 'The Devil You Know' and 'I'm Alive' among others.

"Santiago was the perfect place to film the show for this," says Anthrax's Charlie Benante. "When we'd played there in the past, we'd finish our set, play our encore and go back to the dressing room. But every time, the fans would continue to scream and cheer and clap. I mean, they went on and on, they wouldn't stop. One time Scott and I walked out to the side of the stage just to watch what was going on in the audience, it was intense. Why wouldn't we want to film a DVD in front of an audience like that?"

You can also pre-order the 'Chile on Hell' DVD and Blu-Ray at this location. Watch the trailer for 'Chile on Hell' by clicking the button below.

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