While on tour to support their new album ‘Worship Music,’ Anthrax's show in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theater came to a halt when a crowd member jumped on stage and approached singer Joey Belladonna during the band’s performance of ‘Metal Thrashing Mad.’

While Belladonna got in back of the fan in order to restrain him, a security guard charged at them, head first, and took both of them down. More security came onto the stage to cease the situation and restrain bassist Frank Bello, who went after the spearing security guard.

The very direct Scott Ian called out the security on their blunder by saying to fans (via Noisecreep), "It's pretty smart to tackle the singer, F---ing geniuses they are working here, huh?” Ian went on to say “I guess they haven't seen him up here on stage for the last 90 minutes. He's in the band!"

Belladonna made light of the situation by saying to fans “Sorry about that, I’m gonna have a sore ass tomorrow, no doubt." Like the professionals they are, Anthrax resumed their set.

One fan tweeted, "Thanks for the show tonight in L.A.! Please come back soon and I hope Joey is feeling better after that dumbass security guy tackled him down."

Despite being a little banged up, Belladonna and the rest of Anthrax will continue their North American tour, which wraps up in Milwaukee on Nov. 19. Meanwhile, Ian recently stated he hopes the band's recent Big 4 stint eventually becomes a full tour.

Watch the Mayhem Unfold During Anthrax Performing 'Metal Thrashing Mad' in L.A.