Canadian band Art of Dying soared up the charts with 'Die Trying,' the first single off their second studio album, ‘Vices and Virtues.’ And now they've unleashed its follow-up, 'Get Thru This.'

Even with standard guitar riffs and drum patterns, vocalist Johnny Hetherington has one of those charmingly edgy voices which is appealing to listen to especially with a very catchy chorus such as this one: “If I can get thru this / I can get thru anything / If I can make it thru this / I can get thru anything.”

Along with the positivity of the track, it’s a pretty rocking mid-tempo tune that you can blast in your car or at the gym.

One of the most powerful parts of 'Get Thru This,' which enforces the theme of perseverance and inner strength, includes the lyrics, “With every ounce of who I am / and I will fight until the end.”

Art of Dying recently signed to Intoxication Records, started by Disturbed’s Dave Draiman and Dan Donegan. Previous to its release as a single, ‘Get Thru This’ appeared on the 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' soundtrack.

Listen to Art of Dying, 'Get Thru This'