If you’ve been wondering what ever happened to the legendary WWF wrestler The Ultimate Warrior, well, apparently he’s traded in his signature face paint for a reality show, and Asking Alexandria are set to appear in an upcoming episode.

The teaser for the TV program, aptly titled ‘The Warrior Show,’ shows an angry Warrior busting up the band partaking in some libations and bringing them into a gym to whip them into shape.

He starts off with a bit of an angry pep talk, spouting off with, “I like your f---ing ideas about creating your own freedom, and I’ll support you all the way on that but you know what you’re doing in your life, your indulging in things you do, you’re putting chains around your neck, your weighing yourselves down.” He continues the dramatic rock ‘n’ roll intervention, saying,  “One shot, that’s all you get, you will never get that f---ing second back.”

Warrior then, places actual chains around their necks, and demands them to start running sprints. That’s definitely some tough love Warrior!

The show is advertised as an extreme motivational mind, body, and soul work-out, and from the looks of the clip, Asking Alexandria sure got a work out! Check it out below.

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Watch Asking Alexandria on ‘The Warrior Show’: