As Asking Alexandria approach the finish line to the release date of their upcoming disc ‘From Death to Destiny’ on Aug. 6 via Sumerian Records, the band is sharing a ten minute preview of what their latest body of work has to offer.

The clip above shares snippets from each of the songs on ‘From Death to Destiny,’ giving fans a very good idea of what the new disc will sound like as a whole. Small previews of songs like ‘Killing You’ and ‘Run Free' complement the first full song they released in March ‘The Death of Me.’

In an interview with Metal Hammer guitarist Ben Bruce commented on the length of the writing and recording process, saying ‘It’s taken long enough!’ He continued, explaining, “It wasn't because we were being lazy, but because we wanted it to be perfect. 'From Death To Destiny' is our third album and we wanted to make sure we'd bring out the best possible record we could."

Bruce also described the new disc, saying: "This is our biggest sounding record and alongside the classic Asking Alexandria stuff – the breakdown sections, heavy sections, fast sections – we’ve thrown a lot of new influences in there. It’s a very diverse album and I think people who pigeonholed us are going to realize they were wrong when they hear it.”

Following the release of ‘From Death to Destiny,’ Asking Alexandria will be hitting the road for a short tour kicking off Aug. 6 in Fargo, N.D. Click the button below to see all of the tour stops: