Pennsylvania metalcore veterans August Burns Red released their latest studio album, Found in Far Away Places, back in June. The band now has a stunning visual complement for their current single, "Ghosts," featuring A Day to Remember singer Jeremy McKinnon.

The music video cuts between clips of the band playing in a warehouse and shots of homeless people. The song deals with the pains and struggles of the homeless and the different light that is cast on them by society. It seems the homeless never get a fair shake and a lot of sweeping generalizations get made about them. The song opens up with the lines, "We are the ghosts of the midway, the beasts of the alley / We are the living dead, living in your nightmares / Scraping ourselves from the earth / Living as though we are dirt / Staring like you’ve seen a ghost / The lowest of the low with nowhere to go."

In an interview with Loudwire, guitarist JB Brubaker talked about the collaboration with McKinnon on "Ghosts", saying, "A Day to Remember have been friends of ours since 2008. We did some dates with them on Warped Tour and have toured with them on and off ever since. We’ve done Europe with them and the States a bunch and we’re just good friends with them at this point. We’ve been talking about guest vocal spots and the potential of someone doing singing for us and Jake [Luhrs] mentioned if anyone was going to sing on the record it was going to be Jeremy. He’s a good buddy of ours and he’s also very creative so we reached out to him and he was totally down for it."

Brubaker added, "We showed him the section that we wanted him to sing or scream on, whatever he wanted to do and we gave him creative leeway for him to do what he wanted on the section. He wrote his own lyrics for his part based on what the song was about and he knocked it out of the park for us. He also does a screaming section following the part he sings on where he and Jake go back and forth. It was cool that we got to get his full range as a vocalist on the song. We’re grateful that he was kind enough to be a part of it."

August Burns Red will kick off an international tour with Every Time I Die on Oct. 13 before heading back stateside to launch another leg of the tour in early Nov. To see all of the dates, look here.