Welcome, Babymetal fans, to the final piece of our recent interview with Su-metal, Moametal and Yuimetal. In this clip, the girls speak about their complex choreography and the “metal” acts they listen to in their spare time.

If you’ve seen Babymetal live, you know how incredibly on-point the girls are when dancing along to Babymetal’s lightning-fast tunes. There never seems to be a crack in their technique, so we wanted to know how long it takes to memorize and perfect a single song. The girls told us all about the process and even the most difficult Babymetal track to perform live.

Most fans know that the teen Babymetal trio hadn’t even heard metal before being recruited for the group, but in the last half-decade, the girls have been exposed to lots of metal from around the world. We asked Babymetal if they listen to any metal in their free time and their answers were definitely interesting… Yui’s especially.

Later this year, Babymetal will play Japan’s massive Tokyo Dome, which holds an incredible 55,000 people. After the performance, what will Babymetal’s biggest goal to achieve? They give a cryptic answer.

Check out our exclusive chat with Babymetal in the video above! Babymetal’s sophomore album, Metal Resistance, is out now, so grab a copy by clicking here.

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