Georgian progressive sludge merchants Baroness have begun to reveal details for their upcoming 2012 release. Riding off the success of their incredibly well-received 2009 album 'Blue Record,' Baroness fans are foaming at the mouth to hear what the band will deliver next.

Baroness came to be in mid-2003 when guitarist-vocalist John Baizley teamed up with bassist Summer Welch, drummer Allen Blickle and guitarist Tim Loose, who left the band in 2005. Before the success of 'Blue Record,' the band met with underground acclaim with 2007's 'Red Album,' which Revolver deemed their No. 1 album of the year. Two years later, 'Blue Record' launched Baroness into the forefront of underground American metal, cracking into the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart.

"There is still plenty left to do to make this album," Baizley tells Decibel Magazine, who ranked Baroness' 'Blue Record' as their No. 1 album of 2009.

"Following two years of non-stop touring on 'Blue Record,' we felt a very strong urge to move into less familiar territory. Each record represents our internal understanding of the exact point just beyond what we believe we are capable of. One thing is certain: Baroness has never been as single-mindedly excited about any of our records as this."

Baroness' as-yet-untitled third studio album is expected to be released in the "early summer" of 2012.