Welcome back! How were your holidays? Hopefully you got everything you wanted. Here at the Battle Royale Video Countdown, we got a brand new No. 1 after taking a week's break. Barb Wire Dolls have been ascending up the Battle Royale Video Countdown in recent weeks, and this is the week that "Blind to Your Misery" overcame past chart-toppers from Art of Anarchy and Shallow Side to claim the top spot. Art of Anarchy's "The Madness" stayed strong, taking the No. 2 position, while Shallow Side's "Renegade" slipped to No. 3 after three weeks on top.

Elsewhere on the countdown, it was a relatively static week. Chrysalis had the lone debut as "My Eternity" slipped in at No. 9, while In Flames' "The End" video rebounded at No. 10. And Lacey Sturm's former countdown-topper "Rot" just missed the the Top 10 in its retirement week. See all of the Battle Royale Top 10 videos below.

Who could be joining the Top 10 in the New Year? We've got new clips from From Ashes to New ("Breaking Now"), Sepultura ("Phantom Self"), Steve 'n' Seagulls ("Self Esteem"), Through Fire ("Breathe") and Voivod ("Post Society") making their voting debuts. You can see those clips, along with all the videos available for voting, by clicking the links in the poll at the bottom of this post. You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Friday, Jan. 6 at 11AM ET, so start the New Year off right by ensuring your favorite clip's spot in the Top 10.

  • 10

    "The End"

    In Flames
  • 9

    "My Eternity"

  • 8

    "Censor This"

    City of the Weak
  • 7

    "Torn Down"

    Art of Dying
  • 6

    "The Damaged Ones"

  • 5

    "Catch Me When I Fall"

    Stitched Up Heart
  • 4

    "The Network"

    The ReAktion
  • 3


    Shallow Side
  • 2

    "The Madness"

    Art of Anarchy
  • 1

    "Blind to Your Misery"

    Barb Wire Dolls