Skillet appeared to be moving toward the Battle Royale Hall of Fame with three straight convincing victories in our video countdowns, but "Feel Invincible" hit a bump in the road this week as the video for Breaking Benjamin's "Ashes of Eden" debuted at No. 1. It was still a tight race and should provide an interesting battle in the weeks to come between these two chart-toppers. Meanwhile, Sick Puppies continue to hold strong at No. 3 with "Stick to Your Guns."

Elsewhere on the countdown, the other major debut of the week was Michael Sweet's "Bizarre" video, which claimed the No. 7 spot in its first week of voting. Also of note, in their final week of voting, Cauldron's long-running video for "Burning at Both Ends" took the No. 6 spot. See all of the Top 10 Videos in the Battle Royale below.

There were several videos knocking on the door to the Top 10, and a handful more of new videos set to enter the voting this week. Look for Gemini Syndrome ("Remember We Die"), Lacuna Coil ("Delirium") and Pierce the Veil ("Circles") all entering the voting fray. See those clips, along with every video available for voting, by clicking on the link in the poll at the bottom of this post. You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Friday, Aug. 5 at 11AM ET, so let's see who shakes up the countdown next week.

  • 10

    "Medication for the Melancholy"

    Rob Zombie
  • 9


    Stitched Up Heart
  • 8

    "Motherless Land"

    The Virginmarys
  • 7


    Michael Sweet
  • 6

    "Burning at Both Ends"

  • 5


    Of Mice & Men
  • 4

    "Give in to Me"

    Letters From the Fire
  • 3

    "Stick to Your Guns"

    Sick Puppies
  • 2

    "Feel Invincible"

  • 1

    "Ashes of Eden"

    Breaking Benjamin