The video may be titled "20 Below," but September Mourning continue to heat up the Battle Royale Video Countdown. The clever, comic-book inspired clip just spent its third straight week at No. 1 and separated itself further from the rest of the pack. Message From Sylvia's "Heart of War" jumped up to No. 2, giving the video its biggest challenge of the week, though Earthside's "A Dream in Static" wasn't far behind at No. 3.

Elsewhere on the Battle Royale, former chart champ "The Madness" from Art of Anarchy has been inching back up the countdown, taking the No. 4 spot this past week. And there are two new videos with Goodbye June's "Oh No" arriving at No. 7, while Letters From the Fire's "Worth the Pain" slipped in at No. 10. See all of the Battle Royale Top 10 videos of the week below.

Who will lead the Battle Royale Video Countdown next week? That's up to you. But we do have some new videos entering the voting fray. You can see new clips from Amaranthe ("Boomerang"), As Lions ("Aftermath"), Blameshift ("Monster"), Invidia ("Feed the Fire"), Overkill ("Goddamn Trouble"), Radkey ("Dark Black Makeup"), The Ruts DC ("Kill the Pain") and Liv Sin ("Let Me Out") by clicking on the links in the poll at the bottom of this post, along with every other clip eligible for voting. Want to see your favorite do well? You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Friday, Feb. 17 at 11AM ET. So make it count.

  • 10

    "Worth the Pain"

    Letters From the Fire
  • 9

    "Viking Soul"

    Armored Dawn
  • 8

    "My Eternity"

  • 7

    "Oh No"

    Goodbye June
  • 6

    "Catch Me When I Fall"

    Stitched Up Heart
  • 5

    "Censor This"

    City of the Weak
  • 4

    "The Madness"

    Art of Anarchy
  • 3

    "A Dream in Static"

    Earthside Featuring Daniel Tompkins
  • 2

    "Heart of War"

    Message From Sylvia
  • 1

    "20 Below"

    September Mourning