Congrats to QUOR, who have "strung" together consecutive weeks atop the Battle Royale Video Countdown with their "Let's Rise" video, but let's see if they can continue to "rope" in the votes for their inventive clip. The band's biggest challenge this week came from The Chimpz, who debuted in the No. 2 spot with their latest video for "Right to Left."

This week also featured two other debuts. Slayer's "Repentless" is one of their eye-catching clips on the countdown and voters helped the prison break video to debut at No. 7 this week. Meanwhile, Madame Mayhem's haunting "Monster" video slipped into the No. 10 slot. It should also be noted that Vajra's "Inside the Flame" will be retired after placing eighth in their final week of voting. Check out the Battle Royale Top 10 Videos of the Week below.

Want to affect which videos make the Battle Royale Top 10 next week? Below the Top 10 videos is a poll where you can place your votes. Atreyu ("Do You Know Who You Are?"), Baroness ("Chlorine & Wine"), Children of Bodom ("Morrigan"), Trivium ("Until the World Goes Cold"), Vanna ("Got the Life") and The ReAktion ("Synchro") all enter the voting. See those videos along with all of the clips by clicking on the links in the poll. You can vote for your favorite videos once per hour through the deadline of Friday, Oct. 2 at 11AM ET. So make those votes count!

  • 10


    Madame Mayhem
  • 9

    "Planet A"

    The Devil Wears Prada
  • 8

    "Inside the Flame"

  • 7


  • 6

    "Here Comes the Light"

    Within Reason
  • 5

    "Mob Mentality"

    Earthside Featuring Lajon Witherspoon
  • 4

    "Lost in the Crowd"

    First Decree
  • 3


    Bridge to Grace
  • 2

    "Right to Left"

    The Chimpz
  • 1

    "Let's Rise"