Those who followed the Beastie Boys' early sampling trends would probably not be surprised by this mash-up, which finds them matched with classic rock icons Led Zeppelin. But the song choice comes from later in the Beasties' career when sampling wasn't as rampant, as mash-up master Nemozob pairs 'Ch-Check It Out' with Zeppelin's 'The Immigrant Song' to form 'The Immigrant Check.'

The Beasties' rapid-fire rhymes lay perfectly over the Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham groove and just when there's a break in the action, Nemozob throws in some of Robert Plant's moody belting and trademark howls for good measure. Simply put, you need to ch-check out this mash-up at full volume.

Listen to Beastie Boys Vs. Led Zeppelin's 'The Immigrant Check'