If you‘ve ever been to an Evanescence show, you know that Amy Lee’s wardrobe is a large part of the whole visual experience. Amy Lee recently filmed a ‘Stylized’ video talking about her love for fashion and creating her glamorously gothic wardrobe for each tour.

In the clip, she says, “I love fashion, I’m a creative person; any real excuse to express myself, I’m going to use it.”

When it comes to brainstorming particular pieces, in particular for the bands videos, Lee wants the dress to fit the music.

Style-wise, Lee admits that being onstage really opens the doors to creativity, explaining, “It’s really limitless as far as glitter and glam. Because you’re onstage, you want to have something kind of funky going on. It’s sort of like Halloween every show.”

As for her own personal tastes, Amy admitted, “I like asymmetrical things. I kind of like a little bit of chaos.”

Lee celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday (Dec. 13). Check out our list of the Top 10 Evanescence Songs in her honor, and watch the full video below to go behind the scenes with Lee.

Amy Lee Gets 'Stylized'