... And then there were eight! And what an eight they are, as we've reached the Quarterfinals of Loudwire's Best Live Band Tournament.

At this point, you couldn't go wrong grabbing a ticket to see any of the acts who've advanced this far in the Best Live Band tourney brackets. You've got the pure showmanship of '70s rock vets KISS and Alice Cooper. Iron Maiden have taken metal theatrics to a new level during their impressive career. The '90s gave us a new wave of must-see acts, like grunge icons Pearl Jam, punk revivalists Green Day, the crushing heaviness of Tool and the masked, jumpsuit-wearing collective Slipknot. And let's not forget the masterful X Japan, who became one of Japan's biggest live acts before becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

To say the least, there's a lot of hard decisions to be made. Who will advance to the Best Live Band Final Four? You can cast your votes once per hour until Tuesday, July 28, at 10AM ET. So click the red button below and start making those votes count in the battle to determine the Best Live Band.