Sebastian Bach has made headlines of late due to his participation in the new ABC series 'Sing Your Face Off.' The former Skid Row singer, along with fellow competitors like Jon Lovitz, Lisa Rinna and NBA player Landry Fields, are tasked in each episode with taking on not only the sound but the look of a particular artist.

The first two episodes aired on Saturday, May 31, with Bach first being subjected to makeovers in order to become Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine in one episode and pop star Lady Gaga in the other. In both cases, Bach underwent training with vocal coaches, worked with a choreographer to get each artist's moves down, and also got a full-on makeover to look the part as well.

In each of his performances, the judges found bits of praise and criticism for his renditions. We want to know which one you think he pulled off better. Watch videos of both performances below and let us know if you think Sebastian makes a better Lady Gaga or a better Adam Levine. Make your pick in the poll below.

Sebastian Bach as Lady Gaga on 'Sing Your Face Off'

Sebastian Bach as Adam Levine on 'Sing Your Face Off'