Metal infused with jazz, Latin rhythms, classical and cinematic sounds? It works and no one does it quite like Between the Buried and Me.

Between the Buried and Me began their Dec. 15 set at New York City's Irving Plaza with the seven-and-a-half minute track “The Coma Machine” and performed other lengthy fresh tunes “Turn on the Darkness” and “The Ectopic Stroll” off of Coma Ecliptic. To experience Between the Buried and Me live is a well-orchestrated sensory overload that is unmatched. Fans were in the palm of the band’s hands as they rhythmically clapped to the tribal drums in between songs. Whether you call Between the Buried and Me experimental, progressive or avant-garde, one thing is for sure, Between the Buried and Me are pioneers, their sound is refreshing and their talent is undeniable.

Norwegian extreme metal band Enslaved took the stage beforehand for an annihilating set of their own. The veteran band is touring in support of their 13th studio album, In Times. Enslaved headlined a tour of their own earlier this year and New Yorkers couldn't wait to get another dose of the band. Supporting acts for the night included Intronaut with their heavy bass lines and the Boston boys of Native Construct.

Check out our photo gallery above of Between the Buried and Me and Enslaved performing in New York City!