Contrary to the Between the Buried and Me track, 'Swim to the Moon,' all you really have to do is check out one of the band's live shows, because they may just bring the "moon" to you. In a recent video on the band's YouTube channel, guitarist Paul Waggoner shares how he bet frontman Tommy Rogers $100 to bare his cheeks to a Los Angeles crowd, as well as the aftermath to the metal mooning.

After being prompted by drummer Blake Richardson, Waggoner regaled fans with the classic story. "This is [at] the L.A. House of Blues. It was a killer crowd, we new it was gonna be an awesome show and it was sold out," begins Waggoner. "I basically dared him [Rogers] to moon the crowd at the end of 'White Walls,' which is the last song of the set.

Waggoner continues, "So I say, "Hey, you moon the crowd, I'll give you $100." Because I was thinking, "He's not gonna do that." I mean, I've know Tommy for like, 15 years. I can't imagine he would do that. I didn't think he was that stupid. Turns out he's every bit that stupid and he mooned the crowd, and of course I'm not gonna give him $100. [Laughs] So anyway, being as clever as he his, he milked it out of me over the course of about of a year just with coffee. Probably 50 payments of like $2.

"I was pissed off because I was like, "He actually did it." I was pissed," the guitarist admits. "I was ashamed of myself for thinking that he wouldn't do it, and he did do it."

Between the Buried and Me are set as one of the marquis acts for this year's Summer Slaughter Festival tour along with Cannibal Corpse, Periphery, Goatwhore + many more.

Between the Buried and Me Tell the Tale of Tommy Rogers' Full Moon