The Black Keys may have a harder time these days finding time to shoot music videos, so they did the next best thing. The used a secret show in Nashville Wednesday night as the backdrop for their upcoming clip for 'Little Black Submarines.'

Rolling Stone reports that the band took over the Springwater Supper Club and had filmmaker/photographer Danny Clinch on hand to capture all of the action. The details of the show were very last minute as the band tweeted Wednesday morning that the first 40 fans to find the secret gig would get in.

Though many more than 40 turned out, approximately 50 were granted access to the small club while hundreds more waited outside hoping to catch a glimpse and listen to the music through the walls.

The group kept things light by adding in a full hour-long set to go on top of the multiple takes they performed of 'Little Black Submarine.' Songs in the set list included 'Howlin' for You,' 'Next Girl,' 'Nova Baby,' 'Tighten Up,' 'She's Long Gone,' 'Lonely Boy,' and 'Gold on the Ceiling.'

As for 'Little Black Submarines,' the track is more in line with some classic rock influences, offering Zeppelin-esque quiet-to-loud dynamics. Patrick Carney has stated in past interviews that the song was recorded in two parts and then put together as one track, making the dynamic shift seem all the more immediate.

There was no word when the video would surface.