Black Sabbath, the world's most iconic and trailblazing purveyors of heavy metal, may get a day named after them in their hometown of Birmingham, England. Birmingham City Council member Philip Parkin has basically secured every metalhead's vote for the rest of his political career after calling to create 'Black Sabbath Day' to pay tribute to the band and their recent reunion.

On Nov. 11, 2011 (11-11-11), Black Sabbath officially announced that the original lineup of Sabbath had re-formed to record a new album and embark on a 2012 tour. Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma shortly after the announcement, but that hasn't stopped the metal architects from continuing with their master plans.

According to the Birmingham Post, the idea for 'Black Sabbath Day' was put forth by Philip Parkin's 'Destination Birmingham' document. The document states, "Black Sabbath’s reunion and their agreement to headline Download Festival in June is an opportunity we should not miss. Early discussions are taking place about how best the city should celebrate this and the council should be supporting any celebrations.”

"The report is saying that Black Sabbath reforming is significant, Black Sabbath are huge and metal is huge," Parkin says. "Given this, it is us saying to the Council that we need to celebrate the fact these people come from Birmingham and there could be various ways we could do it."

Black Sabbath are continuing to work on their forthcoming reunion release and are still planning to headline the 2012 Download Festival.