The metal Floridians of Black Tide have been rocking the stage at this year’s Uproar Tour while promoting their second album, ‘Post Mortem.’ Bassist Zakk Sandler talked about the new record, touring and not compromising when it comes to his passion for music in a recent interview with

‘Post Mortem’ dropped earlier this year via DGC / Interscope Records, and it's Black Tide’s follow-up to their 2008 album, ’Light From Above.’

When asked about the new record, Sandler replied, “We went into this record going, '... we don’t care if you want your radio single. We’re going to make our record.'

“We wrote 50 songs for it, and there are so many different sounding demos, [and] there’s stuff that’s very Latin-based and acoustic-based. There’s a lot of stuff all over the place.” With a few singles released from the new disc, he says the tracks on the album “were the cream of the crop songs. This is what we’re in love with.”

Despite being part of a large label, Sandler made it clear that there is little room for negotiation when it comes to the band’s creativity. “Your label’s like, 'We need a single for the radio,' and we’re like, 'We’re writing our record, trust us. We’re making a good record. Don’t worry about it.'”

While playing with massive bands on the Uproar lineup such as Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Sevendust and many more, Sandler said, “Honestly there’s no better tour we could be on right now than Uproar.” He went on to compliment the other groups, saying, “everybody plays in really good bands; no band sucks.”

There may even be a possibility for a Black Tide headlining tour: “We’re definitely talking about stuff next year. We’ve never done a headlining tour. It’s weird to think four, five years in to not do one-- just to see where you’re at. But, I think it also comes with the fact that we really want to build a fan base, and when we do a headlining tour, [we want to] make it count.”

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