Black Tide’s sophomore album, ‘Post Mortem,’ is the album Zakk Sandler says the band always wanted to make. Moreover, unlike some bands that are chained to a label’s idea of what’s marketable, Sandler says Black Tide had complete freedom over the creative process on the album, and that’s why it turned out so close to their vision.

“I think the response has been pretty positive considering that we did change a lot over the course of the last four years,” Sandler told the Midland Daily News. “It sounds how we wanted it to sound and we were able to write the songs the way we wanted to. We were given a ton of freedom to make the record we felt we needed to make.”

Sandler went on to talk about growing up in the music world. He and the boys of Black Tide started rocking shows when they were merely teens, and Sandler says that’s both a good and a not-so-good thing. “It's been hard in the sense that we didn't get to have some of those normal experiences most people have with school and growing up with our friends,” he said. “I didn't even finish high school or participate in most school functions because the band has been my priority for the last eight years or so.

"Being away from family, friends, and loved ones is always difficult and I think that has definitely taken its toll on us. The stories and experiences though, could never be beaten."

Speaking of the guys getting their musical start as youngings, Black Tide frontman Gabriel Garcia started writing songs when he was just 10 years old! Read more, here.