For Black Veil Brides, there is no division between their fans. The U.S. fans do not treat them better than the U.K. fans and vice versa. Instead, the Brides are beloved regardless of geographical local, but that dedication is not without some drawbacks, albeit minor! Oh, the price of fame.

Amplified TV conducted a chat with guitarist Jinxx and bassist Ashley Purdy backstage at the band's show at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire at the end of October, after singer Andy Biersack broke his nose, which ultimately forced the cancelation of the rest of the tour. The pair, cloaked in all black and making liberal use of  hairspray and eye liner, was excited about the first headlining run in Europe. When asked which fans are more fanatical, they admitted that the fans in the U.K. had been camping out at venues since 9 AM, but that was not an indicator of fan superiority!

"That's anywhere. It's like that everywhere we go. They're fanatical no matter where we go," Jinxx said about the dedicated Black Veil Brides Army.

Purdy concurred, revealing, "They all dress up like us and show up early. They'll be chanting outside, and promoters are like, 'Quit antagonizing them outside. They are making too much noise! The papers are complaining.'" Nobody ever said rockers were a quiet bunch! They're also resourceful, with Jinxx and Ashley revealing that they have female fans chasing them and some fans even stalking them online, which is all part of the gig, and they're okay with it.

Of course, the topic of Biersack's busted nose came up, with the duo saying, "That's the price of entertainment. Nothing is going to stand in our way mentality. Nothing can hold us down, whether it's a person or obstacle. The show must go on."

Jinxx also addressed some of the criticism that's been levied at the Brides, thanks to their over-the-top style of dress. "Huge successful bands got the same criticism we're getting…We're not worrying about it," he declared.

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