Black Veil Brides are proud of their status as a polarizing band. Singer Andy Biersack doesn't care about what people think and he isn't engaged in a struggle to earn cred or respect. He is not striving to be cool.

"I have no goal to have artistic credibility," Biersack tells Noisecreep."Look at a band like Mumford and Sons. I mean, I like them, but they are built for artistic credibility, so people can like them and feel smart for liking them. We're not like that. We're about rock 'n' roll and having fun."

You don't need to be smart or snobby or elitist with your musical tastes in order to appreciate the Brides and that's just how they like it. Biersack is also well aware of the fact that people want to see his band fail. He acknowledged, "I know people would like us to crash and burn a band. Here we are, a band that rises from nothing -- and that bothers certain people. We've won both the best and worst band in so many major magazines -- we just get written off so much but we don't care." It's precisely that attitude that will keep the Brides in this vicious, music industry game.

Overall, being accepted as "cool" is so not on Biersack's "to do" list. He said, "We are interested in doing what's cool for us and what's cool for the audience. That's it."