Body Count are back on the scene with their new song "No Lives Matter," a track that addresses the Black Lives Matter movement, but on a different level suggesting that class also has something to do with the issue. In a recent interview with Playboy, Body Count frontman Ice-T spoke more about the band's music and the discussion dipped into the world of politics as well.

When asked if he saw parallels between the early '90s when Body Count just arrived to where we are today politically, Ice-T explained, "Body Count happened in the Bush era. It also happened during the [Rodney King] riots and all that stuff. But I think people back then were more in touch with what was going on, so they were easily brought to their feet by groups like us, like Public Enemy, like Rage Against the Machine. But this new generation is delusional. They came up in the Obama era; they’ve never been through any real roughness, so it’s like they’re just waking up to it. They’re like, “Oh my god, politicians are bad!” [Laughs] Yeah, motherf---ers—they lie!"

Speaking of politicians, Playboy also got Ice-T's thoughts on Donald Trump winning the presidency. “I think we all were surprised that Trump won, because dude be lying," says Ice-T. "He’s a motherf---er. He didn’t never show his taxes. He’s the ultimate con artist. He’s the kind of rich person, when people say they don’t like rich people -- that’s what they mean. I know Richard Branson, I know Mark Cuban -- billionaires that you can sit up and kick it with. But Trump is an elitist. He’s a demagogue. And yeah, it’s scary, man. He’s got a lot of power."

The Body Count leader went on to add, "I come from the gang world, you know. You can’t just be talking s--t and think the other gangs don’t hear you. You can’t talk the way he talks and think the rest of the world doesn’t see him as their enemy. Once the dude told the world, ‘I’m smarter than the generals,’ I knew we were up s--t’s creek. But I predict his own supporters will turn on him in six to eight months. So let’s just cross our fingers."

You can read more of Ice-T's conversation with Playboy here. Meanwhile, look for Body Count's Bloodlust album arriving on March 31 via Century Media. You can pre-order the album via Amazon and iTunes.

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