Happy Friday, everyone! As we get ready for the weekend, it's time to indulge in a bit of silliness. This week, that silliness means a cover of Born of Osiris' "Machine" performed on both the accordion and the bagpipes!

The progressive deathcore act are known for incorporating worldly influences in their music, but this is a different animal altogether. "Machine" contains Middle-Eastern melodies, which are given an interesting new life on the accordion and bagpipes. The overt technicality of Born of Osiris' music makes this cover especially impressive as Elohim Saboath of E-An-Na swiftly handles all the fleet-fingered guitar work on both instruments.

The harmonized playing of both instruments defies expectations and is shockingly pleasant sounding and, most importantly, feels relatively metal! The original track is set against the cover recordings and the two mesh perfectly, perhaps opening the door for yet another genre mashup the metal world has yet to explore.

Neither the accordion or bagpipes are particularly well-represented in metal, though the accordion has surged in popularity thanks to the rise of folk metal acts like Korpiklaani and Turisas. The bagpipes still lay low, having made sporadic appearances in songs like AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and Korn's "Shoots and Ladders."

In November of last year, "Thunderstruck" was given a complete bagpipe makeover, fusing the instrument's melodies with dubstep. Another surprise, the cover worked oddly well and was possibly the coolest bagpipe on the market, adorned with a dragon head at its crest.

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