Many people may know Brian ‘Head’ Welch as the ex-guitarist of Korn, but he also has his own band that is gearing up for a project due out spring of next year.

In a recent interview, we picked his brain about the upcoming Korn album ‘The Path of Totality’ and he was nothing but excited for his former band’s new album. “It’s crazy! They’re always doing something different, it’s like one album’s crazy heavy and then they go to dubstep, I don’t know what they’re gonna do next.”

Welch has much love for the band as he continues, “I think it’s cool that they’re keeping people guessing.”

He just finished up a tour with RED and during his set he plays a medley of Korn songs in his set to honor the times he shared with Korn. Check out some of our photos of Brian 'Head' Welch performing in New York City.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch recently released a new single of his own titled ‘Paralyzed.’ Check back with Loudwire to read our full interview with Welch, in which he shares the meaning behind the song and much more.