It couldn’t come at a more appropriate time! Those British rogues collectively known as Bring Me the Horizon will drop their video for 'Alligator Blood' at noon on Halloween (that's this coming Monday, Oct. 31!) via the band's official Facebook page. So consider this fair warning.

If you want to get soaked in some alligator blood a bit early, we've got good news. You can, since the band has even released a super short snippet of the video. While it's all of 16 seconds, it's extra creepy, visually frightening, conceptually terrifying and has us totally stoked to watch the whole thing on Halloween. Mwuhahahaha. This teaser clip is certainly an effective piece of advertising. It reveals just enough to leave viewers hungering for more.

The frantically paced clip features masked figures, spiders and the band members smashing away at their poor, unsuspecting instruments. It's a lot of frenetic, almost violent action packed into the compact space of a few seconds. It left us heaving and catching our breath and wanting more. The song's boot-to-the groin vibe only upped the pulse quickening ante of this clip.

'Alligator Blood' appears on BMTH's latest, 'There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let's Keep it a Secret.' Tune in Monday to enjoy the whole damn thing.

Watch Teaser Clip of Bring Me the Horizon 'Alligator Blood'