Bring Me the Horizon had a surprise guest with them in Montreal Monday night (Feb. 24) as actor Jay Baruchel joined the band midway through their performance of 'Antivist' to rage with the band.

The band was rocking a particularly brutal version of 'Antivist' for the feverish Montreal audience when frontman Oli Sykes invited Baruchel to the stage and told the crowd to "give it up for Jay."

In the video, shot by Rock Sound TV, Sykes wraps his arm around Baruchel and pulls him to the front of the stage as he belts out the song. After pogoing around the stage together, eventually they separate and you can hear Baruchel singing along with Sykes.

Baruchel, who was raised in Montreal, has starred in such films as 'This Is the End,' 'She's Out of My League' and 'How to Train Your Dragon.' He also had supporting roles in 'Million Dollar Baby,' 'Tropic Thunder' and 'Knocked Up.' Baruchel can currently be seen in the new 'RoboCop' remake.