British metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon invaded New York City’s Roseland Ballroom with supporting acts Australia’s Parkway Drive, Deez Nuts and fellow Brits Architects.

Frontman Oliver Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon came out with intense energy as he greeted the crowd by hopping onto the barricade into the loving arms of fans.  They performed singles such as ‘Blessed With a Curse,’ ‘F---’ and ‘It Never Ends’ off their current album 'There Is a Hell, Believe Me, I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret.’

They also performed older fan favorites like ‘Football Season is Over’ and ‘Pray for Plagues,’ among many others. It’s no wonder why the band has such a loyal following, they put on one of the most engaging and vigorous live shows that would give some of the most experienced bands out there a run for their money.

Supporting act Parkway Drive exploded onto the stage as the number of crowd surfers quickly outnumbered the amount of security guards. With almost everyone in a mosh pit, their set definitely left a dent in the floor of Roseland Ballroom.

As bodies, shirts and even shoes flew, vocalist Winston McCall was just as out of breath as many of the fans after each song, as he performed with force and passion. Parkway Drive opened their set with ‘Unrest’ and performed tunes such as ‘Sleepwalker,’ ‘Romance is Dead’ and numerous others. There are also rumors of a fourth studio album with a tentative 2012 release date.

Fellow Australians Deez Nuts added some hardcore punk to the lineup with a charismatic set as the band performed with much swag onstage. The English band Architects also helped build up the energy with an enthusiastic set. They got the blood flowing in crowd surfers as they performed some new tracks from their newest album 'The Here and Now.'

American act (the only one in the lineup) On Broken Wings opened up the memorable show with a piercingly energetic set. Overall fans defied the laws of gravity with music that made them bounce, leap, fly over heads and ultimately lose their shoes.

Bring Me the Horizon Concert Photos