With 's latest album Venom out today (Aug. 14), the band has unveiled the audio for the track "Worthless" that you can listen to below. They have also released a live video for another Venom song, "Army of Noise," that you can watch above.

In a recent interview with Loudwire, frontman  talked about Venom. "A lot of effort went into the way the album is, which on the last album was the complete opposite," Tuick reveals. "We didn’t do any pre-writing, production or anything. So I think the difference between the last two albums are massive. I think it’s because of that, really, just the amount of time we spent writing this record and thinking about it rather than just doing it."

Tuck continues, "It was quite a challenging process and quite long-winded, but I think now that we’ve done that and put that effort in, the album speaks for itself. It’s the strongest thing we’ve ever done by a mile."

He also talked about whether Venom turned out how they initially envisioned. "It actually turned out exactly how we wanted it to," Tuck says. "Like I said, it took a while to get there just because we had such a clear vision this time around in how we wanted it to sound and how we wanted it to feel, more importantly. We wanted people to connect with it and people to feel something again, whether it was angry, upset or whatever."

Tuck continues, "It was just something we thought was lacking on the last album, just energy. Having the concept of trying to make an aggressive record, making it very dark, having lyrical content which touches a nerve with me initially and hopefully a lot of people. As soon as we have those kinds of parameters, that’s the road we went down. It did take a lot of writing and scrapping, again, but the album actually turned out exactly how we wanted it to, which was kind of a nice reward at the end of it.

BFMV are in the midst of the "Summer's Last Stand" tour with SlipknotLamb of God and Motionless in White. Their next show is Aug. 14 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Listen To Bullet For My Valentine's "Worthless"