Several weeks ago, we got the first taste of new music from Bullet for My Valentine's Venom album -- an aggressive rocker called "No Way Out" that introduced itself with Matt Tuck's primal scream.

As the band closes in on the release date for their Venom album this Friday (Aug. 14), they're offering more insight into the disc and today they're sharing some of the inspiration for the full-throttle song "No Way Out."

Tuck says in a Facebook posting, "This particular track was very much a therapy session for myself writing it. I really wanted to recapture the anger, frustration and feeling of hopelessness I had as a teenager and a young man. Having a dream of being a musician and touring the world playing the guitar was the only passion and dream I had in my life, and I was constantly told it would never happen and to do something else and stop chasing some stupid dream. The feeling of not being able to do what I wanted to do with my life, no matter how untouchable for most, it seemed was the worst feeling in the world."

He adds, "I would often struggle with the fact that if I couldn't do what I wanted (or at least try to achieve it) then what was the point in even being alive. The song is very dark lyrically, but I thought it was important to let it all out again and really connect with people that feel the same way, or may be going through the same stuff as I did when I was growing up."

So far, Bullet for My Valentine have shared "No Way Out," "You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)," "Army of Noise" and "Playing God" with fans. You can pre-order the Venom album at both Amazon and iTunes. And be sure to catch Bullet for My Valentine on tour. They're currently out with Slipknot, and their dates can be found here.