Sometimes it's best to let the music speak for itself and that's what Bullet for My Valentine are doing with their new video for "Worthless."

The clip finds the band performing in a dimly lit room accentuated by streaks of light as they deliver a crushing performance of the song. In the Stuart Birchall-directed video, frontman Matt Tuck unleashes plenty of angst as he belts, "You can keep all your apologies / Those words are worthless to me / And I don't wanna hear that you're sorry / Your words mean nothing to me."

“The video itself is very direct, there's no narrative at all,” says Tuck. “We wanted to keep it super simple and as we went really deep in narrative on 'Battle' and 'Venom' we thought it would be nice to keep it more performance based. The song itself has become one of our favorites from Venom and from all the comments we get from you guys we know it's one of yours too. Enjoy."

The clip finds Tuck handling mostly melodic vocals, occasionally dipping into screaming, while the band's new bassist Jamie Mathias also lets loose vocally on the track and in the video as well.

We recently spoke with Tuck about the addition of Mathias, a musician who was the singer in his former band before joining Bullet. He told us, "It’s good; it’s just brought a new lease on life to the band, and everything’s exciting, new, we’ve done things a million times – he hasn’t, so it’s kind of good to introduce him to stuff, it really makes us excited again. As far as being onstage goes, he’s a great singer. He does a lot vocal backups and he does all the vocal harmonies and he plays really well. He’s just a solid guy. He does everything we need him to do. He’s a great addition to the band."

"Worthless" is featured on Bullet for My Valentine's Venom album, which is currently available for purchase via Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay. Look for the band playing songs from the disc on their recently launched "British Invasion" tour with Asking Alexandria and While She Sleeps. Dates can be found here.