With Bush's new album, 'The Sea of Memories,' dropping on Sept. 13, the band has issued the video for the first single 'The Sound of Winter.'

It opens with the group's criminally handsome frontman Gavin Rossdale strolling on the beach. It's cloudy, and not exactly optimal, sun-splashed weather. He's contemplative and his hair is slicked back into a ponytail as he sings the lyrics while gazing into the camera.

The video then finds the singer transported to the studio, performing with his band, laying down tracks and singing with headphones on his ears. The juxtaposition of the spare beauty of nature with equipment and technology is interesting, especially since the video cuts to another beach scene.

Only this time it's sunny and there is a community of people, playing music, hanging out, looking sun-kissed. It's much less sterile and technical than the studio, but it's the same vibe. Music is the same connector in both scenes.

Rossdale also has some dirty rock dudes playing in the band now, giving 'The Sound of Winter' an edgy feel. It looks like Rosssdale and wife Gwen Stefani's tow-headed son Zuma making a cameo in the beach commune scene. You have to look closely to see him.

Overall, the video is simple but effective and the images on screen fit the song's moody tone.

Watch Bush's Video for 'The Sound of Winter'