Bush's Gavin Rossdale is sentimental as the year closes. The singer posted a lengthy (and rather endearing) "Thank You" to fans on the band's website. It's an open letter about how the Bush wheels began to spin again and why he decided to resurrect the band without guitarist Nigel Pulsford, who didn't want to travel or tour. He thanked fans for supporting him and making it work. He also shared a video of the band's cover of Fleetwood Mac's oft-covered 'Landslide.'

Rossdale is on the rooftop, with the hills of (presumably) Los Angeles in the background. They're not snow-covered, like the ones mentioned prominently in the lyrics of this famous song, but they fit! With his hair slicked back and his guitarist strumming acoustically, Rossdale manages to intimately connect with the viewer in ways that he was not previously known for. The vid is essentially a vehicle for Rossdale's voice. It's simple, spare and ultimately effective.

Bush's fellow '90s alt rock behemoths Smashing Pumpkins also covered the song, which certainly translates well, especially by these types of bands.

Be sure and absorb Rossdale's letter to fans. It's genuine and touching. Loudwire read it twice!

Watch Bush Rooftop Video of 'Landslide'