Rockers and their tattoos, a love affair for the ages, but can you guess who this tattoo belongs to?

The tattoo above packs a visual punch, depicting a crazed colorful bishop, tearing up his skin to reveal Jesus. The tattoo reportedly encapsulates the ink-owner's views on religion and how "crazy" it is. Any clue who it could be yet?

We think this is a fairly easy one but if you don't recognize it right away, here are a few clues. The tattooed musician is a member of one of today's biggest rock bands, who recently branched out and tried their luck at another style of music on their new album.

This is just one of a few tattoos he sports, he also has the letters HIV inked on his other arm, but you have to guess who it is to find out why.

Are you ready? Click below to find who this mystery rocker is: