Expect blood splatters of different shapes and sizes when Cannibal Corpse release the follow-up to 2009's 'Evisceration Plague.'

In a recent interview with UK magazine Metal Hammer, bassist Alex Webster said he has taken a back seat in the writing department to focus on his other project Blotted Science and also to help keep Cannibal's sound fresh.

"On ‘Evisceration Plague,’ I wrote seven and a half whole songs, plus lyrics for ‘Scalding Hail’, which [guitarist] Rob [Barrett] and me did together," Webster said. "This time, I wanted [guitarist] Pat [O'Brien] and Rob to get involved a little more and I was afraid that by writing so much, they were so busy learning my stuff that they hadn’t been able to focus on writing their own stuff."

O'Brien wrote four songs for the new album and Barrett penned three. "Rob’s songs are the three best songs he’s written for us, I think,” said Webster. "There's a lot more variety on this record. It’s still Cannibal Corpse-style death metal but there are more different flavors."

Cannibal Corpse started tracking the new album in the summer with producer Erik Rutan. Webster added that the album art with be more gruesome than the band's last two releases.