Cavalera Conspiracy, the band formed by Sepultura founders Max and Igor Cavalera, will release their third album titled ‘Pandemonium’ on Nov. 4 via Napalm Records. The effort was produced by John Gray, who is best known for his work with one of Max’s other band Soulfly.

The first track from ‘Pandemonium’ is available for streaming now.  Fans can check out ‘Bonzai Kamakazi' here. Max told us when we premiered the track that the song is about “Japanese pilots and their fervor to commit suicide for their country.”

The band also revealed the album’s artwork, created by Stephan Doitschnoof, which looks like an Army tank draped with a skeleton complete with burning flags.

Igor Cavalera said that the album artwork for ‘Pandemonium’ is something to behold. "It is exciting to work with one of the most amazing living artists who is also one of my best friends," says the drummer. "Stephan Doitschnoff expresses in a beautiful way what is tense and ambiguous, makes people think through images and words, and for me its the best fit to combine with one of the most exciting pieces of music I have written which is 'Pandemonium.'"

As mentioned, 'Pandemonium' will arrive in stores and digital retailers on Nov. 4.

Cavalera Conspiracy, ‘Pandemonium’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Babylonian Pandemonium’
2. ‘Bonzai Kamakazi’
3. ‘Scum’
4. ‘I, Barbarian’
5. ‘Carmunhao’
6. ‘Apex Predator’
7. ‘Insurrection’
8. ‘Not Losing the Edge’
9. ‘Father of Hate'
10. ‘The Crucible'
11. ‘Dues Ex Machina'
12. ‘Porra’