Pizza is a favored American cuisine. People are passionate about their pizza in different pockets of the country, namely in Chicago and New York City. Chevelle, who hail from Chicago, were asked which city offers a more quality slice of pizza in a recent chat with Jared Segal of Rockerrazzi, who celebrated the deep-dish pizza that defines the Windy City.

Singer / guitarist Pete Loeffler admitted that he once engaged a Manhattan crowd in a discussion about who had a better pizza and it didn't go so well. He said, "I had s--- thrown at me in New York. I was playing Hammerstein Ballroom, and someone had talked about pizza and I was trash talking. I didn't care. I was going there. I was hit with batteries, change, someone's person, a lit joint, which is usually good, but these were flaming. I was like, 'Ooh, I'm never…'"

That type of reaction is normally reserved for s--- talking about local sports teams. Pizza is a serious, polarizing topic. Loeffler learned to never again challenge New Yorkers about pizza.

The band also revealed that it will tour with Middle Class Rut and Janus for a headline tour for approximately four weeks beginning in February.

Watch Chevelle on 'Rockerrazzi'